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Bassed - Roblox*

Bassed - Roblox*

August 5, 2022

Joseph and Sam go over the COLD HARD TRUTHS about Roblox, its business practices, and relevant events surrounding the platform.

Bassed - Abortion*

Bassed - Abortion*

July 25, 2022

Joe and Sam go over the FACTS of abortion, Roe vs. Wade, and current events surrounding it in Utah.

Best of the Worst: 09-10 New Jersey Nets (Rustyn Burnside)

Best of the Worst: 09-10 New Jersey Nets (Rustyn Burnside)

July 21, 2022

Podcast 1 Assignment MDIA 3380R for Rustyn Burnside

First podcast episode of: The Best of The Worst. A deep dive into some of the worst teams in professional sports history. The debut episode focuses on the 2009-2010 New Jersey Nets who finished 12-70 and made history in all the worst ways.

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